The US Department of Education supports programs designed to raise student achievement by strengthening teachers' knowledge, understanding and appreciation of American History. As educators, you have the opportunity to expand your classroom and provide a hands-on learning environment for you and your students through educational student travel.

No matter what subject you teach - music, history, English, science, foreign language, etc.; club you sponsor - FBLA, student council, honor society, senior class, etc.; or program you direct - Upward Bound, Student Support Services, Talent Search, Gifted, etc. - American Destinations, Inc. will custom design an itinerary to meet your educational needs and budget. An ADI Account Manager will create an affordable and educational tour to meet your classroom objectives.

Refund/Cancellation Policy

Your tour will be operated by American Destinations, Inc. In common with other companies, American Destinations, Inc. and its agents act only in the capacity of suppliers for passengers in all matters in regard to hotel accommodations, meals, restaurants, sightseeing, attractions, special events, nighttime security, supervision and transportation via motor coach, rail, watercraft or plane. In as much, American Destinations, Inc., its employees and agents are not responsible and assume no liability for any accident, injury, loss, damage, delay or inconvenience of any participant that may result from any act or nonperformance of any supplier or agent. Airlines are responsible only for the travel portion of this tour performed by it on behalf of the tour participant in accordance with the terms and conditions of their individual passage contracts as set forth in its tariff on file with the C.A.B.
  • American Destinations, Inc. strongly recommends the purchase of a Travel Protection Plan. Please advise your ADI Travel Consultant of the quantity of applications you require. Upon cancellation, the participant shall only be entitled to a refund on the following basis and there shall be no other refunds inside of 30 days of departure in the event travel protection has not been purchased:

    a) From the day your first deposit is received in the ADI office to 30 days prior to departure, cancellations received will be charged a $25.00 per person administration fee plus any pre-payments made to suppliers that are nonrefundable. Any amount remaining will be refunded.

    b) Cancellations received less than 30 days prior to date of departure will receive NO refunds unless his/her reservation is replaced by another tour participant or a travel protection plan has been purchased and cancellation requirements have been met under said plan. Refunds will not come from the ADI accounting department in the event of a replacement. Reimbursement to the cancelled party will come directly from the new participant.

    c) Cancellations involving airline, Amtrak, or cruise line tickets are subject to the cancellation policies of the individual carrier and not that of American Destinations, Inc.

    d) ADI reserves the right to cancel the entire tour if payment procedures are not followed.

  • The rooming list is due to ADI forty five (45) days prior to departure and final payment is due (40) days prior to departure. You may increase your passenger count (based on availability) one time prior to fourteen (14) days of departure date.

  • American Destinations, Inc. reserves the right to alter the itinerary, make substitutions in accommodations, transportation and other services with comparable suppliers upon discussion and mutual agreement with the group sponsor, and refuse to accept any participant on its tour at any time, for any reason, before or during the actual tour.

  • A Trip Agreement from American Destinations, Inc. will be submitted to the Group Leader and shall not be binding upon either party until it is accepted and signed by an authorized representative of American Destinations, Inc. at the principle place of business. This agreement shall be governed by the laws of the State of West Virginia.