The US Department of Education supports programs designed to raise student achievement by strengthening teachers' knowledge, understanding and appreciation of American History. As educators, you have the opportunity to expand your classroom and provide a hands-on learning environment for you and your students through educational student travel.

No matter what subject you teach - music, history, English, science, foreign language, etc.; club you sponsor - FBLA, student council, honor society, senior class, etc.; or program you direct - Upward Bound, Student Support Services, Talent Search, Gifted, etc. - American Destinations, Inc. will custom design an itinerary to meet your educational needs and budget. An ADI Account Manager will create an affordable and educational tour to meet your classroom objectives.

American Destinations, Inc. (ADI) has created a scholarship opportunity as a means of showing our appreciation to the schools and other various groups that utilize our services. This scholarship program is our way of reciprocating the support that hundreds of communities have given us for more than twenty five years. Our purpose is to provide an opportunity for students who have traveled on an ADI educational tour (overnight stay required) to receive assistance to further their post-secondary education.

Any student is eligible to apply his/her senior year if he/she has traveled on an ADI overnight tour as an elementary, middle or high school student. The more a student travels with American Destinations, Inc., the more extra credit points he/she will earn in the application evaluation process. Scholarships are only available to those graduating seniors who have traveled with ADI. These scholarships are based on merit. This is not a drawing.

Every time an overnight educational tour is completed with ADI, the Group Leader will receive certificates to pass on to your students for extra credit points on their scholarship application. Each certificate is worth two extra credit points. Please keep in mind, the more students travel, the greater their advantage when applying. A copy of all certificates is to be included with the scholarship application.

Scholarship Application Packet - PDF