American Destinations, Inc. provides all of our clients and potential clients with multiple points of contact to ensure that you have the best travel experience available. Please feel free to use any of the methods located below to contact us.

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  • Will we be on tour with other groups?

  • How many passengers will one motorcoach accomodate?

  • What if I have passengers that are handicapped
    and/or request a special diet?

  • Could my itinerary change while on tour?

  • Are gratuities (tips) included in my tour package?

  • Will ADI pay me a stipend?

  • Can a Group Leader's spouse
    and/or children travel at a reduced rate?

  • Are you a current member of any
    reputable professional travel organizations?

  • What if I can't get the trip approved by my
    Principal and/or School Board?

  • Does ADI offer travel protection insurance?

    ADI absolutely will NOT combine your tour group with another group. We feel that your tour experience should not, in any way, be hindered by conflicting interests of another group. Your "customized" itinerary is designed especially to meet your needs and interests.

    Motorcoach capacity can vary from 46 to 59 passengers. Please be sure to discuss your needs with your ADI Travel Consultant. Once you have filled your first coach to capacity, keep a wait list to see if you have enough passengers to require an additional motorcoach. Keep in mind, your price is based on the number of paid passengers per coach. As your number of passengers decrease, your price per person will increase.

    This information should be given to your ADI Travel Consultant during the early planning stages of your tour. Our reservations department will need this information in advance to make the appropriate reservations for transportation, hotels, meals, etc.

    Trust ADI. We have designed your itinerary to be flexible so we can provide you with the best tour possible. Weather, crowds, street closings, etc. may require that your tour run in a different order than what is printed on your itinerary. Our Tour Managers are experts and have the experience to adjust your schedule to make the most out of each day.

    Expect the unexpected. As those of you who have travel experience know, there are always some things that are beyond your control. So what does that mean when you are a Group Leader? Experienced Group Leaders tell ADI that attitude makes all the difference. Your positive attitude has a tremendous impact on your students'/groups' experience. Plus, you are not alone. Your ADI Tour Manager will do his/her best to make sure your tour runs as smoothly as possible..triple-checking your travel arrangements.

    Gratuities on meals and services (including a driver gratuity) are included in your package, with the exception of your Tour Manager gratuity. However, it is customary to present him/her with a token of appreciation at the conclusion of your tour. ADI prefers to leave the amount of gratuity up to the Group Leader. As a guideline, $1.00 to $2.00 per person per day is typical (depending on the complexity of the tour).

    Yes. If requested, American Destinations, Inc. will pay a stipend to Group Leaderís for his/her leadership and professional time. We also include one complimentary package for every fifteen paying passenger, unless otherwise noted in proposal.

    Yes. Please discuss these details with your Travel Consultant. We encourage your family members to travel with you. It is a wonderful experience for everyone!

    Yes. American Destinations, Inc. maintains membership with professional associations to guarantee our reputation of quality and integrity within the tour industry. For example, ADI is a member of the NTA (National Tour Association), which requires its members to: (1) follow a strict code of ethics and (2) carry Professional Liability/Errors and Omissions Insurance. We also maintain current information on destinations throughout North America via subscriptions to professional travel trade journals.

    It is not always necessary for the trip to be school sanctioned, particularly if it is taken during non-school days. Please feel free to call us for assistance in this area.

    Yes. American Destinations, Inc. strongly recommends the purchase of Travel Protection Insurance. A policy is available on an individual basis (or as a group) through BerkelyCare. Please advise your ADI Travel Consultant.