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at the beginning of your keepsake DVD.

  • Shows your schools travel experiences on a custom DVD/VHS from photos taken by the students, chaperones, and teachers using the camera(s) provided.

  • For music groups, your performance music can be used as the background music at no extra charge if provided on CD.

  • Provides the students and families with a lasting memorable keepsake that can be enjoyed for years.

  • Teachers love how it reinforces the educational purpose of the trip.

  • Very economical -actually saves money on camera film and developing.

  • All photos used in each video are available for viewing on the Create A Video web page using a secure username and password at the beginning of your keepsake video. The pictures can be e-mailed, printed, or downloaded for free.

  • Allow parents to share in their students travel experiences and see how their hard earned money was spent.

  • A free copy is provided to your school that can be used to help promote & recruit for next year's trip.

Trip Sampes:

D.C. Trip - WMV

D.C. Trip - MOV

Note: Videos require High-Speed connection
  1. Create A Video provides a quality Canon digital camera for you to take pictures while on your trip. The camera (1 per motor coach or every 55 students) is shipped directly to your school about two (2) weeks prior to your departure.

  2. Your group can elect to use single-use cameras instead of the Canon digital camera provided by Create A Video. Single-use cameras will be provided by Create A Video at a rate of 1 single-use camera for every 10 students, with a minimum of 5 single-use cameras, regardless of group size.

  3. A group can choose to use their own digital cameras INSTEAD of Create A Video's Canon digital camera. An additional charge of $1.00 per picture over 300 applies.

  4. Following your tour, the cameras are returned to Create A Video for processing and production using the pre-paid Priority Mail Box provided.

  5. Create A Video then ships the finished DVDs back to your school in approximately 2 weeks.