American Destinations, Inc. would like to provide this opportunity to answer some of the Performance Group Adjudication related questions we see most commonly. Please choose a question from those below for more information.

If, for some reason, the answers provided below do not answer your question please feel free to contact American Destinations and we will be happy to assist you.

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  • Does my group have to be adjudicated to perform?

  • What are some advantages to adjudication?

  • Does my group have to attend a music festival to be adjudicated?

  • Are opportunities for clinics and/or adjudication available?

  • Will my group receive quality adjudication?

  • Does my group have to travel with a music festival to be adjudicated and/or attend the festival?

  • What are the requirements for adjudication?

  • Does my group have to perform at a theme park to be adjudicated?

  • Do adjudicated music festivals provide larger musical instruments for performing groups?

  • Is it possible to be adjudicated and also do a public non-adjudicated performance?

    No! Many times your group can do a public performance without adjudication. Most music festivals encompass some type of adjudication, however and may no be suitable for those groups wanting a non-adjudicated performance. Many directors prefer a non-adjudicated performance due to lower pressure aspect of the performance.

  • Measure growth and excellence in your program
  • Satisfy evaluation requirements for your content standards
  • Meet adjudication requirements for your school district
  • Compare your program to others in and out-of-state
  • Constructive comments to improve your group
  • Clinic opportunities for your group

  • No, however music festivals are the best and most convenient way to be adjudicated. Most music festivals are designed with adjudication in mind. We suggest that you research the various music festivals carefully as they are not all the same. Feel free to check out our music festivals link to see which festivals we recommend.

    Yes. Many venues and festivals offer clinics as part of the festival or as an add-on feature.

    In most cases yes. Most music festivals use only nationally renowned adjudicators. Again, we recommend only quality music festivals, with quality adjudication. Please do your homework before committing to a music festival. A bad music festival experience can ruin an entire tour!!

    No. Many festivals provide complete packages for their festivals. There is nothing wrong with this plan, however it does limit the "custom" aspect of your tour and can also be more expensive. Most festivals have a "festival only" cost. If you would like to add a music festival as part of your tour package, ADI can handle these arrangements and include them in your overall cost per student.

    Requirements vary from festival to festival. Again, please research your festival carefully to familiarize yourself with the specific requirements. Once you decide what festival your group will be participating in, ADI will work closely with you and the festival to ensure that you will meet all necessary requirements.

    No. Many festivals provide adjudication at various locations. Even theme parks can have off-property adjudication sites. While your group may perform off-site, most theme park music festivals provide park admission in the "festival only" cost.

    Again, this depends on the music festival and requirements for the festival. Research this aspect closely before choosing a festival. ADI can help you with specific information at your request. Many music festivals can accommodate special musical needs.

    Yes. ADI can put together just about any package that you request. Our staff will work closely with you to ensure the best possible experience.