American Destinations, Inc. would like to provide this opportunity to answer some of the Performance Group related questions we see most commonly. Please choose a question from those below for more information.

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  • Where is ADI located?

  • Why should we travel with ADI?

  • Where can my group travel with ADI?

  • What is the difference between ADI and a festival company?

  • Is transportation cost included in the package price?

  • Should we expect to pay any additional fees such as taxes or gratuities during our trip?

  • How does your complimentary policy work?

  • When is our deposit due?

  • Do the hotels have security?

  • Tell me about emergency contact.

  • Does ADI provide insurance that covers injury and illness on the trip?

  • Is trip cancellation protection available?

  • Will we travel as our own group or be paired up with other groups?

  • What additional website services are offered to group leaders?

  • What is Plan-a-Trip?

  • Will ADI pay me a stipend?

    American Destinations, Inc. is located in Clarksburg, West Virginia. Clarksburg is located in the central Part of West Virginia and is nestled in the heart of the beautiful Appalachian Mountains. West Virginia is a tourist dream and ADI is part of this experience.

    We help assure that the group has a great tour. ADI helps create a wonderful growth experience for students. By working with high quality vendors (transportation, lodging, attractions, meals, and more) and providing the group leaders the tools (forms, promotional materials, etc.) and information to coordinate the trip at school, we have earned the respect of the industry. One difference between ADI and other companies is our personal service.

    ADI customizes all-inclusive, comprehensive tour packages anywhere within the United States, Canada and the Caribbean (cruises only).

    A festival company specializes in producing a particular event. Specifically with student musicians, the festival company would secure the festival site, judges and generally an awards venue. When choosing ADI as your tour operator, we will work hand in hand with the festival company of your choice. In addition, we will customize an educational tour experience to enhance the festival package. When traveling with ADI, you will receive the same festival package but you will also receive ADIís expertise in the student travel industry.

    Yes. There are no hidden fees. All tour packages are inclusive of round trip, high quality motorcoach transportation. We also provide airfare if requested.

    All ADI tour packages include taxes and gratuities on services and meals included in your tour package except for your Tour Manager gratuity, which is at your discretion.

    Unless directed otherwise, ADI automatically includes 1 complementary package per 15 paid participates, based on double occupancy.

    We recommend that you send in your deposit as soon as your trip has been approved. Your initial deposit will secure your hotel, (so the earlier the better) and turn your group from a tentative status to definite. You will find a payment plan for payments due included in your contract. Your balance must be paid in full 45 days prior to your departure date.

    ADI contracts licensed security personnel to monitor our student groups. We utilize professional private security firms that monitor hallways and the group area during night hours. Nighttime security assuress that students remain in their rooms, that unwanted outsiders are kept away from the group, and that students are not a distraction to other hotel guests. This also allows chaperones a better nights rest. The security guard will keep a record of anything that occurs during the night.

    Every participant on an ADI tour is provided a nametag and is briefed on what to do if separated from the group. ADI will provide emergency contact information to each participant.

    Yes. For your peace of mind, ADI provides complete primary insurance coverage including Liability, Errors and Omissions, Fidelity Bond, Accident Medical, Physiotherapy, Sickness, Emergency Dental and Consumer Protection Plan.

    Yes. Please ask your ADI Account Manager for details.

    Your tour will not be combined with others. Suggested group size should be approximately 47 participants. Groups under 30 passengers will be considered on an individual basis.

    ADI offers our group leader many additional features through our website, including detailed information on specific destinations, our unique Plan-a-Trip online request form, music adjudication information and downloadable group leader organizational materials. These enhancements allow group leaders to have much more information at their fingertips with which to research and plan an outstanding tour.

    Plan-a-Trip is a unique idea to the group travel industry. Most companies websites ask you to request more information or to leave information for a later personal contact. Most people in the 21st century don't want to wait that long. Our Plan-a-Trip feature allows you to select destinations, venues, meals, group budget, etc. on one form. This form will be sent directly to one of our Account Managers. He/she will contact you within 24 hours to confirm your information and then process your request. Usually within 7 to 10 business days you will receive your tour package proposal. All tour proposals are free of charge.

    Yes. If requested, American Destinations, Inc. will pay a stipend to Group Leaderís for his/her leadership and professional time. We also include one complimentary package for every fifteen paying passenger, unless otherwise noted in proposal.