Today, with the uncertainty around the world, ADI wants to reassure you that the safety and well-being of your tour participants is not only your number one priority, it is ours as well. As a member of both the National Tour Association and CLIA, we have national connections that keep us informed of the current travel climate and the latest in safety and security measures.

Contact ADI if you have further questions:

  • What is the Homeland Security Advisory System and where can I find more information?

  • Does the Advisory Alert mean that travel is unsafe?

  • What does this mean for my trip? Will ADI cancel my trip?

  • Is there an alternative to trip cancellation?

  • What can I do to insure the safety of my children/students?

    The Homeland Security Advisory System put in place by the Department of Homeland Security ( on March 12, 2002, as a result of September 11th. For more information about the Advisory System, visit the Department of Homeland Security Website.

    No, the alert does not mean that travel is unsafe. It simply means that there is a concern and that government and citizens must be vigilant and attentive.

    Currently, ADI has no plans to cancel any tours. We have national connections that keep us informed of the current travel climate and the latest in safety and security measures.

    We travel in North America and the Caribbean only. ADI will not take groups to areas that a government agency such as the Department of Homeland Security, State Department, Center for Disease Control and Prevention or the World Health Organization (WHO) have either published travel advisories for or restricted travel.

    ADI will work with the group leader and the school to identify the solution that works best for your group. While the safety of our tour participants is our first concern, the school makes the decision whether to cancel, reschedule, or relocate the trip. Contact your travel consultant with questions regarding trip changes.

    Yes! Although it is our firm belief that travel is safe at this time, we understand that some parents are not comfortable with their children traveling away from home. There are several alternatives to trip cancellation including rescheduling to a later date or a different destination. Contact your travel consultant to discuss options that may be available.

    Our trips include night-time private security at night, emergency service, and a full-time tour manager. You can reinforce the use of safe traveling measures such as using the buddy system, being aware of all exits and emergency services, securing hotel rooms at night and not allowing strangers to enter, as well as following the directions of the tour manager, group leader and chaperones.